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posted by Matthew Green on Sun 13 Apr 2008 18:35
Forrest A finish 6th in the A section. A good place for the A team (and the highest for several years) who finished above Markland Hill C, Bury B, Hawkshaw B, and Metro.

Forrest 'B' have also fought their way back to section A after finishing top of the section B. The 'B' had a good run in the second half of the season, not dropping a point. In addition the 'B' team reached the final of the Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup.

Congratulations to Forrest 'C' who have finished 2nd in section C. The 'C' team will be promoted to section B for the 08/09 season after only losing two games to league winners DL Farnworth 'A'.

Forrest 'D' finish 5th in section C. Another good result for the team. Lets hope they can make a strong push for promotion next season!

Unfortunately, Forrest 'E' were not so lucky this season. It must have been tough with three of our teams in the same division. Good luck for next season, hope to see the team back into section C!

Well done to the 'F' team, who finished mid-table in the D Section.

This season, Forrest entered a team a team into the Whitefield League. They are currently 5th in the league with a couple of games to go.

In addition, Forrest have had a team in the Leigh League this season. Following the team reaching the Leigh League Cup semi-final they have now reached their divisional Cup Final. The Club wish the team good luck in their inaugural season!
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This Week

  • Thu 15 November
    Markland Hill Bolton B vs Forrest Bolton A
  • 19:30 @ Markland Hill Racquets Club
  • Thu 15 November
    Forrest Bolton E vs Moorside C
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Mon 19 November
    Metropolitan Bolton A vs Forrest Bolton D
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Tue 20 November
    Hawkshaw B vs Forrest Bolton B
  • 20:00 @ Radcliffe Leisure Centre
  • Wed 21 November
    Forrest Bolton A vs Markland Hill Bolton A
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Wed 21 November
    Forrest Bolton C vs Hawkshaw A
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Thu 22 November
    Forrest Bolton F vs Moorside D
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
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  • Mon 12 November
  • Moorside B 9
    Forrest Bolton F 9
    Section C
  • Fri 9 November
  • Deane B 9
    Forrest Bolton D 9
    Section B
  • Thu 8 November
  • Forrest Bolton F 7
    Sharples C 11
    Section C
  • Wed 7 November
  • Forrest Bolton C 4
    Markland Hill Bolton B 14
    Section A
  • Wed 7 November
  • Forrest Bolton A 13
    Westhoughton A 5
    Section A
  • Tue 6 November
  • Roe Green Bolton 5
    Forrest Bolton E 13
    Section C
  • Mon 5 November
  • Forrest Whitefield 15
    Pennington 3
    Division 1
  • Fri 2 November
  • Westhoughton A 18
    Forrest Bolton C 0
    Section A
  • Thu 1 November
  • Forrest Bolton E 18
    Metropolitan Bolton C 0
    Section C
  • Wed 31 October
  • Forrest Bolton B 7
    Westhoughton B 11
    Section A
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