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Forrest B Team take on the A Team in Cup Quarter-Finals

posted by Matthew Green on Thu 31 Jan 2008 09:24
Forrest B, currently pushing for promotion from B section took on a determined Forrest A in the Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup recently.

After overcoming a close battle with promotion contenders Deane A in the last round Forrest B ensured they had a full team to take on their closest rivals and friends!

On the night Forrest B held their own with some strong performances from Lisa Abbott and Matthew Green beating 1st couple Christine Seddon and Ron Welsh, and Becky Buxton and John Pilkington taking the 3rd mixed.

The pressure was on for both teams with high scoring in all the games, however strong performances from Lisa and Becky and John and Wayne Shurvinton pushed the levels all the way.

The scores finished 306 for the B team, 360 for the A team, with an additional 130 handicap for the B team the scores ended 436-306. Both teams were surprised at the handicap that was placed in the B teams favour, but they are hoping for one similar when they face A section high flyers Markland Hill B in the cup semi finals.

The second semi final consists of Hawkshaw C and A section champions Markland Hill A.

Your support will be greatly appreciated on the evening - hope to see you at the Arena on Wednesday 20th Feb - 8pm
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  • Wed 14 November
  • Forrest Bolton D 6
    Markland Hill D 12
    Section B
  • Mon 12 November
  • Moorside B 9
    Forrest Bolton F 9
    Section C
  • Fri 9 November
  • Deane B 9
    Forrest Bolton D 9
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  • Thu 8 November
  • Forrest Bolton F 7
    Sharples C 11
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  • Forrest Bolton C 4
    Markland Hill Bolton B 14
    Section A
  • Wed 7 November
  • Forrest Bolton A 13
    Westhoughton A 5
    Section A
  • Tue 6 November
  • Roe Green Bolton 5
    Forrest Bolton E 13
    Section C
  • Mon 5 November
  • Forrest Whitefield 15
    Pennington 3
    Division 1
  • Fri 2 November
  • Westhoughton A 18
    Forrest Bolton C 0
    Section A
  • Thu 1 November
  • Forrest Bolton E 18
    Metropolitan Bolton C 0
    Section C
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