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Summer Club Nights - 2014

posted by Carolyn Wood on Wed 30 Apr 2014 20:53

Summer club night sessions will commence on Wednesday 7 May and will continue to run all the way through to the beginning of the season. As usual they will run every Wednesday at Bolton Arena from 8pm until 10pm. All players of a league standard are welcome to attend. Beginners should consider attending our summer coaching sessions and should contact Ray Schofield (Head Coach) for details.

Prices for each summer club session are as follows:
Senior Member £4.00
Junior Member £2.00 (under 18 or in full-time education)
Senior Visitor £5.00
Junior Visitor £2.50 (under 18 or in full-time education)

To ensure that the club nights are a success and that all can enjoy them we are looking for volunteers to assist in the running of the club nights. If you would like to volunteer please contact any member of the committee, David Travis, Ray Schofield, Lisa Harrison or Carolyn Wood. You won't need to commit to being there every week and the more volunteers we have the better!

We look forward to seeing you down during the summer club.

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  • Tue 12 December
    Hawkshaw C vs Forrest Bolton A
  • 20:00 @ Radcliffe Leisure Centre
  • Wed 13 December
    Forrest Bolton D vs Deane B
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Wed 13 December
    Forrest Bolton B vs Forrest Bolton C
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Thu 14 December
    Forrest Bolton E vs Sharples A
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Mon 18 December
    Forrest Whitefield vs Roe Green Whitefield A
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
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  • Thu 7 December
  • Forrest Bolton E 17
    Westhoughton E 1
    Section C
  • Wed 6 December
  • Forrest Bolton B 15
    Deane B 3
    Section B
  • Tue 5 December
  • Hawkshaw A 8
    Forrest Bolton A 10
    Section A
  • Fri 1 December
  • Westhoughton B 373
    Forrest Bolton C 387
    Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup
  • Thu 30 November
  • Forrest Bolton E 375
    Metropolitan Bolton B 319
    Robert Cup
  • Thu 30 November
  • GMT Bolton 357
    Forrest Bolton D 383
    Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup
  • Wed 29 November
  • Bury Whitefield A 1
    Forrest Whitefield 0
    Hallsworth Cup
  • Wed 29 November
  • Forrest Bolton A 378
    D.L. Farnworth A 367
    Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup
  • Thu 23 November
  • GMT Bolton 10
    Forrest Bolton D 8
    Section B
  • Wed 22 November
  • Forrest Bolton C 14
    D.L. Farnworth A 4
    Section B
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