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posted by David Travis on Mon 06 Nov 2006 11:40
BADMINTON England have partnered with technology specialists Inchima Limited to build a new website that is packed full of video instruction and articles that will help you improve your game. is a site dedicated to helping all levels of badminton player & coaches from grass roots through to club and county to improve their game and coaching skills with professional and insightful instruction.

Each registered member will get tips, lessons and drills in the form of video, audio and written articles as well as pro-player analysis. It will look at all aspects of the game to help you improve at every level. As well as coaching advice from top coaches and players, BADMINTON England will provide help with the mental game, game strategy and psychology and tactics.

Everyone gets a 'try before you buy' one month no risk trial. A fully comprehensive membership package with access to all content costs as little as £2.99 per month for BADMINTON England affiliated members.

Join us to start improving your game.
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This Week

  • Thu 15 November
    Markland Hill Bolton B vs Forrest Bolton A
  • 19:30 @ Markland Hill Racquets Club
  • Thu 15 November
    Forrest Bolton E vs Moorside C
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Mon 19 November
    Metropolitan Bolton A vs Forrest Bolton D
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Tue 20 November
    Hawkshaw B vs Forrest Bolton B
  • 20:00 @ Radcliffe Leisure Centre
  • Wed 21 November
    Forrest Bolton A vs Markland Hill Bolton A
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Wed 21 November
    Forrest Bolton C vs Hawkshaw A
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Thu 22 November
    Forrest Bolton F vs Moorside D
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
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  • Mon 12 November
  • Moorside B 9
    Forrest Bolton F 9
    Section C
  • Fri 9 November
  • Deane B 9
    Forrest Bolton D 9
    Section B
  • Thu 8 November
  • Forrest Bolton F 7
    Sharples C 11
    Section C
  • Wed 7 November
  • Forrest Bolton C 4
    Markland Hill Bolton B 14
    Section A
  • Wed 7 November
  • Forrest Bolton A 13
    Westhoughton A 5
    Section A
  • Tue 6 November
  • Roe Green Bolton 5
    Forrest Bolton E 13
    Section C
  • Mon 5 November
  • Forrest Whitefield 15
    Pennington 3
    Division 1
  • Fri 2 November
  • Westhoughton A 18
    Forrest Bolton C 0
    Section A
  • Thu 1 November
  • Forrest Bolton E 18
    Metropolitan Bolton C 0
    Section C
  • Wed 31 October
  • Forrest Bolton B 7
    Westhoughton B 11
    Section A
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