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Success for Forrest in Whitefield & Leigh Cup Weeks

posted by Chris Travis on Wed 17 Nov 2010 23:30
This evening Forrest's Whitefield B team played against Bury C In the second round of the Hughes Cup. The score after all games had been played was Forrest 355, Bury 286. Forrest received a 59 point handicap meaning the final score was 414-286 to Forrest.

Forrest's Leigh team were also in action tonight, playing against Heys in the first round of the cup in the Leigh League. Handicapping was done slightly differently with each game starting Forrest 5, Heys -5. The score after all the games had been played was Forrest 320, Heys 332. However, Forrest received an extra 40 point handicap to their score. Therefore the final score was 360-332 to Forrest.

Congratulations to both teams!

Forrest's Whitefield A team were also due to play this week against Markland Hill A but they failed to field a team.

Forrest Whitefield A are therefore through to the semi finals of the Hallsworth Cup. Forrest Whitefield B are through to the semi finals of the Hughes Cup and Forrest Leigh are through to the second round of the Leigh League Cup.
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  • Thu 17 January
    Forrest Bolton F vs Roe Green Bolton
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Tue 22 January
    Markland Hill C vs Forrest Bolton A
  • 19:30 @ Markland Hill Racquets Club
  • Wed 23 January
    Forrest Bolton D vs Forrest Bolton B
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  • Thu 10 January
  • Forrest Bolton E 15
    Sharples C 3
    Section C
  • Tue 8 January
  • Middleton A 9
    Forrest Whitefield 9
    Division 1
  • Mon 7 January
  • Metropolitan Bolton C 1
    Forrest Bolton F 17
    Section C
  • Thu 13 December
  • Forrest Bolton E 13
    Forrest Bolton F 5
    Section C
  • Wed 12 December
  • Forrest Bolton B 1
    Forrest Bolton A 17
    Section A
  • Wed 12 December
  • Forrest Bolton D 14
    Moorside A 4
    Section B
  • Mon 10 December
  • Metropolitan Bolton B 0
    Forrest Bolton E 18
    Section C
  • Fri 7 December
  • Oakgate Whitefield B 5
    Forrest Whitefield 13
    Division 1
  • Wed 5 December
  • Markland Hill E 10
    Forrest Bolton F 8
    Section C
  • Wed 5 December
  • Forrest Bolton B 15
    Forrest Bolton C 3
    Section A
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