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Season 10/11 - Week 1 - Overcoming Hawkshaw

posted by Matt Green on Tue 21 Sep 2010 00:02
This past week, the new season of the Bolton Badminton League got underway. Last seasons undefeated Forrest C continued their winning ways with a victory over Hawkshaw D. The team took an 8-2 lead heading into the levels, and picking up 6 of 8 games in the levels, the claimed an impressive 14-4 win.

Also on Wednesday, Forrest A took on Hawkshaw's B team. Having only landed back from my holiday around 7pm, I had to miss the match, but I guess the team did not miss me as they picked up a comfortable 17-1 win with some impressive results in the ladies doubles.

On Thursday, newly promoted Forrest B travelled to Canon Slade to take on Hawkshaw A. With 3 untested partnerships, the team turned up lacking somewhat in confidence. However, Carolyn Wood and Stuart Holden picked up the first two games 21-9, 21-17 against Jenny Roe and Richard Smith, whilst Forrest's 3rd couple Becky Shurvinton and Pete Taylor claimed close victories 23-21, 21-19 over Laura Egan and Chris Smith. At 2nd vs 2nd, Claire Nelson and Chris Mealor split their games 21-18, 20-22 against Roe and Smith, as the team were surprised to take a 7-3 lead into the levels. Stuart and Pete won both their first men's doubles and Carolyn and Becky claimed their 2nd game of ladies doubles 22-20. All round good performances earned Forrest B a great start to the season.

Our D, E, and G teams weren't so fortunate in the opening week, however it is important to remember many of our teams are in a higher division this season.

In the Whitefield League, Forrest A have won 3 games from 3, with victories over Bury B, Bury C and Middleton B.

Date Home Team       Away Team
Wed 15/09 Forrest Bolton A 17  v  1 Hawkshaw B
Thu 16/09 Hawkshaw A 8  v  10 Forrest Bolton B
Wed 15/09 Forrest Bolton C 14  v  4 Hawkshaw D
Thu 16/09 Sharples A 10  v  8 Forrest Bolton D
Wed 15/09 D.L. Farnworth B 15  v  3 Forrest Bolton E
Thu 16/09 Forrest Bolton F 10  v  8 Metropolitan A
Thu 16/09 G.M.T 12  v  6 Forrest Bolton G
Wed 01/09 Bury C 4  v  14 Forrest Whitefield A
Thu 02/09 Forrest Whitefield A 10  v  8 Middleton B
Thu 02/09 Forrest Whitefield B 6  v  12 Heys B

See the Bolton Badminton League website for full results from all sections.

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  • Wed 14 February
  • Forrest Bolton D 4
    Forrest Bolton B 14
    Section B
  • Thu 8 February
  • Sharples C 11
    Forrest Bolton F 7
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  • Thu 8 February
  • Forrest Bolton E 8
    Sharples B 10
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  • Fri 2 February
  • Westhoughton D 13
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  • Forrest Bolton F 15
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  • D.L. Farnworth A 1
    Forrest Bolton B 17
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  • Forrest Bolton C 9
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  • Tue 23 January
  • Markland Hill D 5
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