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Inflight Auction

posted by Matt Green on Thu 03 Sep 2009 01:54
Inflight Sports will be holding one of their fantastic auctions this Friday 4th September. Many items, including rackets, racket bags and clothing will be available to bid on. If you haven't already been on their auction site this is how it works:

The auctions work in reverse. The price will begin at the recommended retail price and then fall until ALL items are sold. The final price (lowest) is the price that EVERYONE pays no matter what price the item was reserved at. For example, if you like the look of the Inflight Nemesis racket and you think to yourself - I would like it for £40. Then reserve the item before the auction or even during the auction. Continuing this example, the auction begins and the price falls to your £40. The computer will now reserve the item for you. Now, if the price falls still further, say to £24, THEN YOU PAY £24!!!!! You can't lose.

Make sure you register on the auction website, a bid can be placed at anytime even before the auction begins; this avoids disappointment and the possibility of missing your item!

opti-max racket
opti-elite racket
trolley bag
racket bag
ladies 07 clothing
mens 07 clothing

(Please note - the 10% discount for Forrest members does not apply to auction or sale items)

In addition, new 09 kit is also available on the website, with more colours and designs coming soon...
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