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posted by Kath Orrell on Wed 01 Apr 2009 14:06
On Sunday the 12th of July, the annual Manchester to Blackpool bike ride takes place, starting from Man United Football club and finishing at the Promenade at Blackpool, the event is the largest bike ride in the north west. Approx. 60 miles in distance, the ride involves a full day out, with plenty of pit stops, including Heigh hall and preston, if the weather is good its a fab day out. It only costs £14 to enter and you don't need to be a seasoned rider to take part, as i've previously seen people taking part in fancy dress, on uni-cycles and tandems.
I'm currently looking to put together a group entry into the event. That doesn't mean we have to all ride together, but its nice to start together and then meet up at the finish for a well deserved pint and to tell stories on saddle soreness. If anyone is interested contact me through the contacts page and i'll be in touch. More details can be viewed on the following website
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