Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions

Throughout the year Forrest Badminton Club runs coaching sessions that cater for a variety of abilities. All sessions are supervised by qualified coaches and assistant coaches. The fee for each session is £2 for children and £3 for adults. No other entertainment or coaching could be cheaper, and it is a sport that once learned, can be played for the rest of the pupil's active life.

Sessions are conducted under Badminton England rules and recommendations. Forrest has already become one of the few accredited clubs in the country. All coaches, players and parents must adhere to the Code of Conduct designed to promote safety and learning. If you have any questions or require more information please contact Ray Schofield.

Winter Coaching

During the badminton season (September - April) Forrest run the following coaching sessions:

Summer Coaching

Coaching during the Summer is split into three sessions. The sessions run every Friday, usually starting just after Easter, at Bolton Arena and continue until the start of the badminton season in September.

  • 19:00 - 20:00: Beginners
  • 20:00 - 21:00: Intermediates
  • 21:00 - 22:00: Practice Match Play session and non-league standard visitors

Coach Register

Head Coach

Each of the coaching sessions run by Forrest Badminton Club are led by at least one Badminton England qualified Level 2 Coach and a number of Level 1 Assistant Coaches. All coaches are registered with Badminton England and have been CRB checked.

Ray Schofield
Ray Schofield Registered Coach

Level 2 Coaches

The people below have achieved the Level 2 Coach Award, building upon the Level 1 Assistant Coach award this qualifies them to independently coach junior beginners / junior club players and senior beginners / social / club players in the lower levels of local leagues. They are taught to coach grips, movement, the stroke cycle, hitting techniques and advanced strokes.
More information on the Level 2 Coach Award can be found here.

Ron Welsh
Ron Welsh Registered Coach

Level 1 Assistant Coaches

The people below have achieved the Level 1 Assistant Coach Award, the first step in the Badminton England Coaching system. This allows them to assist a qualified coach in sessions with junior beginners / junior club players and senior beginners / social / club players in the lower levels of local leagues.
More information on the Level 1 Assistant Coach Award can be found here.

Paula Wright
Paula Wright Registered Coach
Ann Schofield
Ann Schofield Registered Coach
Badminton England Premier Club Premier Badminton Club and Sport England Clubmark Accredited

This Week

  • Fri 22 February
    Westhoughton B vs Forrest Bolton C
  • 19:30 @ Lowton High School
  • Mon 25 February
    Forrest Whitefield vs Middleton A
  • 20:00 @ Bolton Arena
  • Tue 26 February
    Hawkshaw A vs Forrest Bolton B
  • 20:00 @ Radcliffe Leisure Centre
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  • Thu 7 February
  • Forrest Bolton F 9
    Westhoughton E 9
    Section C
  • Wed 6 February
  • Forrest Bolton D 11
    Sharples A 7
    Section B
  • Wed 6 February
  • Markland Hill E 7
    Forrest Bolton E 11
    Section C
  • Thu 31 January
  • Forrest Bolton E 18
    Moorside D 0
    Section C
  • Mon 28 January
  • Moorside C 4
    Forrest Bolton F 14
    Section C
  • Fri 25 January
  • Pennington 5
    Forrest Whitefield 13
    Division 1
  • Fri 25 January
  • Westhoughton C 343
    Forrest Bolton C 319
    Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup
  • Wed 23 January
  • Forrest Bolton D 359
    Forrest Bolton B 379
    Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup
  • Tue 22 January
  • Markland Hill C 9
    Forrest Bolton A 9
    Section A
  • Thu 17 January
  • Forrest Bolton F 5
    Roe Green Bolton 13
    Section C
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